A.Celli Paper will supply a paper rewinder to the RDM Group factory in Blendecques, France

Following the fire that struck the RDM Blendecques factory in France, A.Celli will contribute to the restart of production with a brand new E-WIND P100 paper rewinder.

On March 22, the RDM Group reported a fire at the Blendecques plant, where the Company produces up to 140,000 tons per year of recycled cardboard. Although the main production line was not affected and no operator was injured, the fire affected part of the warehouse and the rolling and finishing department, including the winders, and production was suspended.

Faced with this emergency, A.Celli paper immediately sent its specialized team on site to develop a common strategy with the RDM Group in the short and long term. The first result of this joint professional approach will be the supply of a new E-WIND P100 paper rewinder with a very short delivery time. The start-up phase is scheduled for the end of 2022 and the restart of production in early 2023.

The rewinder, designed to process coated and uncoated paper with grammages from 250 to 550 gsm at a speed of 1800 m/min, will include an in-line unwinder, a reel parking station, automatic feeding and gluing. chucks and an automatic in-line system. cutter with our patented SLITTOMATIC system.

RDM Group is the leading producer in the recycled cardboard sector and the largest producer in Italy, France, the Netherlands and the Iberian Peninsula.