A fire breaks out in a flour mill in Karond Galla Mandi; off in an hour

Staff reporter

A fire broke out on Wednesday morning in a flour mill located in Karond Galla Mandi in the state capital. Due to the jute bags stored in the mill, the fire grew fierce and took an hour to die down. Due to the fire, thousands of jute sacks containing flour, wheat and machinery were also burned to ashes. The loss of lakhs of rupees was reported due to the fire.

According to reports, there is a flour factory of trader Satish Jain in Karond Mandi. In the morning, guard Mahendra Parihar saw smoke coming out of the factory. After that, the fire department was informed. 6 tank firefighters reached the place from nearby fire stations including Bogda Bridge, Fatehgarh.

Firefighter Pankaj Yadav said “The Hitavada” jute bags were kept in the upper part of the factory. Because of this, the fire became fierce. Taking the risk, the employees went inside and then put out the fire.

At present, the cause of the fire turned out to be a short circuit.

Loss of over 10 lakhs: Thousands of jute sacks including flour, wheat and jute sacks were kept in the factory, which was burned to ashes. A loss of over Rs 10 lakh has been reported. There was a fear of fire in nearby factories: The danger of a massive fire spreading from the flour mill to nearby factories made everyone nervous. Thanks to this, a large number of traders arrived, who breathed a sigh of relief after the fire was extinguished.