A major fire breaks out at the Doraha mill

Raw materials and finished goods worth hundreds of thousands of dollars were burned to ashes after a major fire broke out at the Kaur Sain Spinning Mill godown in Doraha on Thursday.

The fire broke out around 8:30 a.m. while the unit was operational. However, no casualties were reported as the descent is located on one side of the plant. The firefighting operation continued for more than nine hours and the flames were extinguished by 6 p.m.

Panic gripped the area when plumes of black smoke were spotted rising from the spinning. Seven firefighters from Khanna, Samrala and Ludhiana were dispatched to the scene to control the flames. Firefighters said the flames spread quickly because a large amount of polyester (a petroleum product) and cotton was stored in the downspout. The heat and dense smoke also added to the difficulty for firefighters as they were unable to enter the burning building. Several holes were drilled in the building and water was sprayed into it from different directions. It is suspected that the fire started due to a short circuit.

Khanna Fire Station (FSO) Officer Yashpal Rai Gomi said three firefighters from Ludhiana and two from Samrala and Khanna had been dispatched to the scene. The offers had been renewed at least 70 times up to the time of the filing of the report.

Gomi said fire arrangements had been made inside the factory and water was also available through the fire hydrant system. Even after extinguishing the flames around 6 p.m., two firefighters were stationed at the unit as a precaution, should the flames reignite.

Payal Subdivision Magistrate (SDM) Deepjot Kaur also visited the scene to oversee the firefighting operation.

Two other factories ignite

Keeping firefighters on their toes, two more fires were reported at a textile unit in Kohara region and a garment unit on Bahadurke Road. No casualties were reported at any location, but property and machinery perished. Short circuits are suspected to be the cause of the fires.

In the first incident, a fire broke out at Golden Textile in Kohara region around 9 p.m. on Wednesday. Atish Rai, a fire service non-commissioned officer (SFO), said workers tried to put out the flames using a fire extinguisher, but to no avail. Four firefighters, including two from Samrala and Ludhiana, were dispatched to the scene and the firefighting operation continued for more than three hours.

The second incident took place at Shri Bhagwati Hosiery Mills on Bahadurke Road around 3.45am on Thursday. The security guard sounded the alarm, after which six firefighters from different stations rushed to the scene. Firefighters said the fire apparatus was inadequate in the unit.

Chief Firefighter Rajinder Singh said it was dark, firefighters were struggling to put out the flames and the operation continued for more than three hours.