A promising wind project is expected to bring electricity and jobs to Comanche County, but has yet to begin.

LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) – Carter wind Turbines and the Lawton Economic Development Corporation announced last year that a wind farm would be operational this summer, but they have not yet started construction.

The project location is expected to be on Lee Boulevard, between the Goodyear plant and Republic Paper.

LEDC’s Brad Cooksey explains that there were a number of hurdles that led to the delay, with Covid topping the list.

“Because of Covid and some of the things that dealt with the Covid supply chain issues, the price of materials and things of that nature kind of delayed it a bit where they adjusted their way of thinking as investors that we were concerned about, but they’re still moving forward,” Cooksey said.

But Cooksey says the project is getting back on track, after meeting with Carter Winds president Matt Carter.

“He’ll be starting in the Great Plains Technology Center business incubator here soon, which is great because that’s where he’ll start doing all the work,” he said.

Cooksey was unable to provide a new estimated completion date.

We contacted Carter Winds, but were unable to reach anyone.

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