A solar-powered flour mill organized for Kathirimalai

A solar powered flour mill is to be installed at Katharimalai at a cost of Rs.2 lakh to benefit 75 families living in Andhiyur taluk hill. A check for the sum of Rs. 1.96 lakh was presented to collector H Krishnanunni by Canara Bank for setting up the machine.

The collector introduced him to Oscar society and said rainfed crops like ragi, kambu and sorghum are grown in the hill. They are the staple food of the people there. An average family needs 75 kg of millet flour per year. They sell their products at very low prices and buy groceries, especially rice.

They travel 8 kilometers of jungle to sell their wares. If they know how to increase the value of minor millets such as ragi and chamai, their livelihoods will also be protected. So it was decided to design a solar powered flour machine for them. For this, Canara Bank provided funds through its corporate social responsibility initiative. Measures have been taken to provide medical advice to residents.

Since there was no electricity or road facilities for vehicles, a road was built under the revitalization program of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Additionally, educational and medical advice is provided through the website, the collector added.