Adopt green technology! IIT Mandi develops method to convert steel mill waste into usable products

A startup incubated by the Institute of Technology (IIT), Mandi, has developed a method to use green technology to convert waste generated by steel mills into usable products.

The Green Tek startup will use green technology, without electricity or furnace and completely non-polluting techniques to convert waste using extractive metallurgy. It is a Jammu and Kashmir based startup founded by Satinder Nath Gupta and his son Sandeep Gupta.

How does GreenTek work?

Steel mills generate a huge amount of waste which is mostly dumped in landfills contributing to environmental pollution.

According to officials, the team uses clean combustion techniques to reduce the waste generated by steel mills of high-iron metal. It can be reused by industries such as shipbuilding, stone crushing plants, oil/gas plants and power stations. Therefore, the method developed by Green Trek emits a minimum of greenhouse gases.

Sandeep Gupta told PTI: “We are working on a circular economy model using extractive metallurgy in which greenhouse gases are reduced and a sustainable waste management process is put in place,” quoted The Quint. .

He explained that after the whole process, the end product is a molten metal with an iron content of 99.6%. The product is then mixed with other metals to make various types of high-value steel and alloy castings used in various industries.

Goal of the start-up

Green Tek aims to manufacture environmentally friendly steel products by leveraging state-of-the-art technology and pioneering solid waste management in the country and around the world.

Green Tek has also signed a memorandum of understanding to set up a permanent factory in Himachal Pradesh. The plant will serve leading organizations such as Ultratech, ACC and Ambuja Cement.

Gupta told PTI, “The objective of this MoU is to enable Green Trek to set up a green steel recycling unit for the supply of spare parts to local heavy industries such as cement factories and stone crushers by minimizing greenhouse gases through its unique process of manufacturing,” the publication reports.

He added that on this, the government would facilitate all necessary approvals and licenses and help Green Trek as needed.

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