Ahlstrom-Munksjö to install in-line systems at Aspa Bruk pulp mill in Sweden

Swedish special pulp mill Aspa Bruk has placed an order for SPM’s most advanced online system, Intellinova Parallel EN, to monitor the mechanical and lubrication status of the pulp dryer and wood chipper. factory.

Both Intellinova Parallel EN systems will measure the condition of the bearings and gears on the dryer cylinders, guide rollers, motor, gearbox and crusher bearings – all to prevent unplanned stops and failures in order to achieve greater machine availability and maximized production.

Thanks to the DuoTech sensors, which combine the patented HD ENV and SPM HD measurement technologies, clear and easy-to-interpret vibration and shock impulse measurement results are provided with exceptional pre-warning times in the event of deterioration of the mechanical condition. The contract also includes a remote condition monitoring service, where SPM engineers continuously notify plant maintenance personnel of alarms and deviations and send monthly reports. SPM is responsible for the installation and delivery of turnkey systems.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Aspa Bruk manufactures bleached and unbleached sulphate pulp from renewable raw materials. The plant has approximately 190 employees.

MPS Instrument is a global leader in condition monitoring technology.