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April 21, 2022 0 comments

By Constance Scrafield

A new ticketed event – ​​an arts competition – at the Alton Mill Arts Center is scheduled for May 1. The brainchild of Sam King, who works at the factory, promises to be the first of a series of such competitions.

Sam King has worked at the factory for four years, but has been planning and hosting events herself for almost 12 years. They took place all over and in Brampton, many sponsored by the city until Ms. King took her idea and staged it. its own “literary events, all kinds of art-oriented events”.

She said, “I see myself as a connector of creatives (artists) with the rest of the world.”

This first competition event at the Alton Mill focuses on painting. There must be a series of events unfolding over time. They will encompass all the arts over the next two years.

For this time, 12 artists will be given the same theme to paint upon their arrival. Each artist is alone. They will receive everything they need in canvas and painting materials. Their easels will be distributed on the lower ground floor to ensure each artist has a unique space. This is where the historic remains of the mill are on display, with plenty of room for those in attendance to grab a bite to eat or drink and listen to music playing in the background.

It’s not meant to be a time for quiet contemplation, but for talking and enjoying the company of others – friends or people you’ve never met before. These are all part of the challenges that painters will face.

Attendee capacity is kept at 50% to allow for distancing while doors to the adjacent courtyard on the same level are open to keep in fresh air and allow ample space for comfort.

As judges, there are four community artists on the judging panel. The audience is the other judges. People who have purchased their tickets will have their say on the results of the competition. At the entrance, pieces of paper will be given to them to vote by depositing their papers in the boxes next to each artist.

All art is for sale.

There are also cash prizes from the mill; the organizer purchased all supplies from Maggiolly Arts Supply Shop. The artists participating in the competition come from Headwaters Arts or are tenants of the Mill. Emilia Perrin, owner and Ricky Schaede, manager of Maggiolly are two of the four judges.

This event is sponsored by the Alton Mill Arts Centre.

Sam King’s background and motive for engaging in all the hard work involved over many years in putting on so many shows of this nature is his love of making memories.

She said: “I myself am a writer, storyteller and artist. I like to create memories, everything that becomes the marker in a person’s life. It really is a huge part of life. Because I participated in this event, someone might meet their soul mate or learn that they want to paint.

Ms King posted information about the Volume One competition on Instagram


She told the Citizen: ‘This is the go-to for all information. I wanted to keep it separate from the Alton Mill.

“He has already attracted 50 followers. A full house is expected for the event. »

The purpose of all this new excitement is to create the circumstances for other people to be inspired.

Artists have 30 minutes to complete their themed paintings in the first round. The public will have voted by depositing their papers in the receptacles made available and those who have the most votes will move on. The public chooses the four to advance to the second round. The four winners again have 30 minutes to paint whatever they want, without a theme. The judges each receive $50 to reward the one they think is the best. And the judges and the public choose the winner for a trophy.

The flow works pretty well, we were assured. The competition will have parked outside the event area and the food is upstairs.

“The general public can’t come down,” Ms King said. “You have to have a ticket, the price of which goes towards the supplies that are provided to the artists. You can buy tickets online and if there are tickets available, you can buy tickets at the door.

She dropped some clues about the sequel: “The second event is already in the works and it will be a magical event. The Toronto Magic company will be involved in this.

Like many artists, Mrs. King has had several interesting jobs: “I worked for Tree Top trekking, Hockley Valley [Resort] and the city of Brampton for a long time.

Now she is the caretaker and caretaker of the Alton Mill grounds, meeting interesting people, tenants and visitors.

Why come? She said: “Come get inspired and engage to see some art being created and for those who haven’t had a lot of real world experience they should come see if they can imagine themselves doing something. thing in the arts!”

Although there are no mandatory Covid protocols at the Alton Mill, masks are available at the door for those wishing to remain cautious of the possibility of infection.

Eventbrite is the place to buy tickets, just like Facebook.