Berea will apply for a tax renewal of 1.4 million for the improvement of water plants

BEREA, Ohio — Berea voters will decide in November whether a $1.4 million tax levy to fund water treatment plant upgrades will be renewed for five years.

The facility supplies the city’s drinking water and is the only operating municipal water plant in Cuyahoga County other than one in Cleveland. Its water supply comes from the East Arm of the Rocky River and occasionally from Lake Coe. Sewage is sent to the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District system.

The City Council, at its April 4 meeting, passed an ordinance to send the tax issuance request to the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Agent for certification. After receiving approval from the Fiscal Officer, the tax renewal issue will require additional City Council resolutions before being sent to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections for inclusion in the Nov. 8 ballot.

According to Berea’s ordinance, the tax would generate money “to supplement the Water Capital Improvement Fund for the purpose of making improvements to the city’s water plant and the construction and the acquisition of other permanent improvements related to the city’s water system”.

If voters pass renewal, taxes will continue to be collected until 2027. Residents would be taxed $140 for every $100,000 of property assessment, Chief Financial Officer Andrea Morris said.

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