Compact turn-mill center for the production of complex parts

Turning and milling centers
Compact turn-mill center for the production of complex parts

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The NTX series of B-axis turning and milling centers built by DMG Mori has been enriched with a new small-capacity model, which now includes five machines.

The NTX 500 is ideal for high-speed machining of complex parts, for example in the medical sector.

(Source: DMG Mori)

DMG Mori’s compact NTX 500 is capable of turning components up to 558mm long and 120mm in diameter, or up to 40mm in diameter from the bar, using its two tool holders Y-axis spindle and its two opposing 8,000 rpm Turn Master spindles.

The size of the machine combined with its power and rigidity make it particularly well suited to the production of implants and other medical parts from difficult materials.

The in-house manufactured Compact Master B-axis tool spindle is rated at 30,000 rpm as standard, 42,000 rpm as an option. At just 250mm long, yet with a swivel range of ±120 degrees and 150mm of Y-axis movement, it allows for generous axis travel and versatile metal cutting possibilities. The tool magazine can be loaded during machining and has places for 38 (optionally 76 or 114) Capto C4 / HSK-T40 / KM40 cutters.

The second toolholder of the NTX 500 is a BMT 42/64 turret below the spindle axis with 16 tool positions and 60 mm Y-axis travel. It allows simultaneous machining with the B-axis spindle for short cycle times when machining complex parts.

Automation solutions are available for the turning center, including integrated bar feed on the right side and an in-machine moving robot (IMTR) that allows automatic unloading of the part from the main spindle and the counter-spindle.

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