Dance feather and farm supply customers with lumber from their sawmill Bound Brook and Branchburg, New Jersey

To build a new project, home builders can rely on Dancing Feather & Farm for their sawmill in Bound Brook and Branchburg, New Jersey.

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Flemington, NJ – (ReleaseWire) – 05/20/2022 – For those struggling to find the right type of lumber in the right size for their projects in Bound Brook, Branchburg, Clinton, Flemington, Princeton, Tewksbury and areas neighbours, Dancing Feather & Farm can help.

At their Bound Brook and Branchburg, New Jersey sawmill, large trees destined for the chipper are turned into useful raw slabs. The wood is either left to dry and grow for a year or treated in a solar oven to speed up the process. The slabs are then transformed into dimensional lumber. This type of wood is perfect for tables, chairs, indoor and outdoor furniture, jungle play areas, fence posts, header beams, board construction coverings live and countersunk edge, shiplap and soffit boards, butcher block tops, small items such as cutting boards, and much more.

Dancing Feather & Farm is a leading supplier of dimensional lumber, multi-species slabs and beams for large projects, as well as additional services such as design, assembly and cut-to-length.

They can also machine raw logs up to 17 feet long and 30 inches in diameter into lumber for their customers.

Being a locally operated lumber business, Dancing Feather & Farm can usually provide customers with exactly what they need. They have the ability to mill large logs into roughly hewn slabs.

They transform the slabs into dimension wood once they have dried. This can be useful in several tasks, and they can help customers fine-tune these components for custom millwork for their homes. Dancing Feather & Farm can be counted on for quality carpentry as required. They use various machines, including a planer, jointer, mortiser, and other tools, to get the job done to exact specifications.

Many of their customers have cleared areas of their property and want a sawmill that can turn their smallest amount of logs into slabs and dimensional lumber.

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