DS Smith cuts over 313 factories

Sustainable packaging company DS Smith announced today that it has engineered more than 313 million problematic plastics in the last two years alone as part of its ambitious plastic replacement program. Knowing that the circular life of packaging depends on the good action of the consumer to recycle it, DS Smith has also raised awareness of the importance of the circular economy to more than 2.8 million people.

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DS Smith has eliminated more than 313 million problematic plastics in the past two years with products like GreenTote, which replaces plastic grocery bags. (Photo: DS Smith)

DS Smith designers have worked with customers on their packaging and displays to replace or remove more than 3 million units of plastic per week, or 13,000 per hour, as its customers demonstrate growing demand for plastic-based packaging. fibers as an alternative to hard materials. to be recycled, single-use plastics. It is well known that 80% of all sustainability savings occur during the design phase. That’s why DS Smith trained its 700 designers in its circular design principles, developed in cooperation with its strategic partner, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, to translate their circular business model into practical packaging solutions.

DS Smith designers have created thousands of innovative designs to eliminate even the smallest amounts of plastic in its packaging, such as replacing plastic sealing tape with self-locking cardboard flaps and replacing plastic labels with a direct printing on the cardboard. Over the past year, its customers have demanded innovations to replace single-use, non-recyclable plastic items, including meal trays, plastic fruit and vegetable containers and plastic six-pack rings.

“With our help, customers are responding to consumer demands to eliminate problematic plastics from their products,” said Allison Berg, sustainability manager, DS Smith North America. “Using our proprietary circular design metrics system, we can easily show not just where plastic can be replaced, but how circular their packaging is right now and where we can make improvements together.

“Our 700 designers have been trained in our circular design principles, which means we can engineer problematic plastics from the design stage and find alternative fiber-based solutions that deliver sustainable and recyclable packaging.”

Circular economy course

Over the next year, DS Smith will continue to drive the adoption of fiber-based alternatives among customers in response to consumer demand for alternatives to plastic. It also pledged to continue engaging 2.8 million people in the circular economy, with the aim of promoting circular lifestyles to 5 million people by 2030.

During COP26, she launched a lesson plan on the circular economy, “Let’s Go Circular! as a free resource for teachers to educate 11-14 year olds about the circular economy and how we can all play a part in protecting our planet’s natural resources. DS Smith also provides information through online content, videos, news articles, blogs and case studies in its goal of reaching 5 million people.

As part of DS Smith’s Now and Next sustainability goals, the company aims to remove one billion problematic plastics from supermarket shelves by 2025, replacing them with sustainable corrugated alternatives. DS Smith’s plastic replacement work and broader sustainability progress is featured in its latest sustainability report, available here.

R&D on other alternative fibers

DS Smith achieves this in particular by investing $140 million in R&D that explores a range of natural fibers. These include innovative uses of seaweed, straw, hemp, miscanthus and cotton, as well as less common sources such as daisy and agricultural waste such as cocoa husk or bagasse – the pulp fiber that remains after sugar cane processing.

About DS Smith

DS+Smith is a leading global supplier of sustainable fiber-based packaging, backed by recycling and papermaking operations. It plays a central role in the value chain across all sectors, including e-commerce, fast-moving consumer goods, and industrial products. With its focus on “redefining packaging for a changing world” and its Now+and+Next sustainability strategy, DS Smith is committed to leading the transition to the circular economy, while delivering more circular solutions to its customers and society at large, replacing problematic plastics, removing carbon from chains supply chain and offering innovative recycling solutions. Its bespoke box-to-box+in+14+days model, design capabilities and innovation strategy are at the heart of this response. Based in London and a member of the FTSE 100, DS Smith operates in 34 countries, employs around 30,000 people and is a strategic partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Its history dates back to the box-making businesses started in the 1940s by the Smith family. North American operations are based in Atlanta, with 15 packaging, paper and recycling facilities, totaling over 2,000 employees. Leveraging the combined expertise of its divisions including packaging, recycling and paper, DS Smith works with its customers to develop solutions that reduce complexity and deliver results across the supply chain. supply.


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