Gillie Da Kid Claims Rick Ross Owes Meek Mill Money

Gillie Da Kid takes her feud with Rick Ross to another level. During his angry rant, the rapper-turned-podcaster claimed Rozay owed Meek Mill money because he allegedly locked him into a “1914 slave contract.”

On Saturday, July 17, Gillie Da Kid hopped onto her Instagram page to spread Rick Ross and his alleged business dealings with his artists. In his three-minute video rant, the rap veteran accused the Maybach Music Group boss of always minding other people’s business but not his own.

“That’s your problem, you always mind nigger business,” Gillie huffed. “You were minding Birdman’s business a few years ago when you were running around saying, ‘Give Khaled the money you owe him! “”

Gillie then claimed that Ross owed Meek money and allegedly got him in a bad record deal.

“Well you give Meek the money you owe him, nigga,” he demanded. “Because you got him in a slave contract in 1914. A Harriet Tubman joint he signed when he was 19 and now he’s 35. Why don’t you renegotiate with a real guy?”

“Thank God he fucks with these white boys,” Gillie continued. “He would do anything, be broke, broke and disgusted to fuck with you [Rick Ross]. But he’s still a hell of a businessman. Hi to you, Meek.

In the caption of the video, Gillie wrote: “Let me fuck you alone… This is not what you want[.] I represent 4 youth so I refuse to let the old ni$$az play with me… Go feed your cow.”

Gillie’s rant was in response to Ross’ applause after he dissed the Miami rapper for having cows on his huge property during an episode of A million dollar game podcast.

“They’re old niggas, they can’t hear the roar of the crowd anymore, and they still think the world’s gonna come back,” Gillie said. “So they’re on Instagram and they’re on social media bullshitting. ‘I just bought a cow.’ And all that stupid shit. Would you fucking buy a cow for that?

In the clip, Ross filmed himself walking around his estate The Promise Land in Fayetteville, Georgia. “Guys, guys. Let me give you the real game,” he said in the video, seemingly referencing the title of Gillie’s podcast. “When I spend more money on my cow hooves than you spend on your wife and kids each month, you should take notes.”

Here’s another note: don’t mess with Gillie Da Kid.

Watch Gillie Da Kid’s Rant on Rick Ross Who Owes Meek Mill Money and Locks Him Up in a “1914 Slave Deal” Below

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