Graphic Packaging Sets Closure Date for Battle Creek Paper Mill

BATTLE CREEK, MI — Graphic Packaging International has set a date for machinery shutdown at its Battle Creek recycled paperboard plant as it prepares to decommission the plant, the company told MLive.

Friday May 27 is the last day that Graphic Packaging International expects the plant’s machines to be running, the GPI announced on March 30.

Graphic Packaging will hold a job fair at the facility to help any potentially displaced employee find employment with the company on April 20 and 21 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., GPI said.

GPI expects the plant to be fully decommissioned by the end of August, as previously announced, GPI said.

GPI announced in February that it would close its recycled cardboard mill in Battle Creek. About 200 employees will be affected by the closure, GPI said.

The decision was based on overall industry supply and demand and follows the start-up of the company’s new K2 machine in Kalamazoo, where the company invested $600 million to modernize and consolidate operations.

The Battle Creek property will likely be sold for future commercial use, GPI said.

Paper has been produced at the site for more than 100 years, Battle Creek Mayor Mark Behnke previously said.

A company spokesperson told MLive in 2019 that there were nearly 200 employees at the Battle Creek plant.

Battle Creek employees are eligible to apply for other positions at Graphic Packaging, the company said.

Graphic Packaging is now focusing on expanding the Kalamazoo plant.

The company announced plans in 2019 to invest $600 million to build a new recycled paperboard machine in Kalamazoo, and that machine began producing paperboard for our customers earlier this year.

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