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Gwinn Area Community Schools Superintendent Brandon Bruce talks about the 3-axis CNC milling machine that Resolve Surgical Technologies donated to Gwinn High School. Bruce said the machine will provide students with a way to gain experience and knowledge. (Diary photo by Christie Matric)

MARQUETTE — Resolve Surgical Technologies, with the help of regional partners, has made a major donation to Gwinn High School that it is hoped will help students with practical technical knowledge.

A kick-off celebration for the installation of a 3-axis CNC milling machine at Gwinn High School was held Wednesday afternoon, attended by educators, students and business representatives

Megan Osorio, president and CEO of Resolve, said the company donated the machine to the high school several months ago, but wanted to see how things were going.

“As we upgraded our equipment within the facility, we wanted to make sure the equipment continued to give back to the community,” Osori said.

Donation partners were PF Markey, Code Electric, Morris Midwest and Plutchak Crane Rental and Fabrication.

“Since working with Plutchak to deliver it safely, several of our partners have been involved in commissioning this machine so that it can continue to grow and support the advancement of the technical skills development of schools within the Gwinn community”, Osori said.

Resolve, she noted, had used the machine for implants and instruments in surgical procedures.

“It’s a benefit to the school and the students in that it gives them access to real-world technology, that they can learn a skill while they’re here, and potentially integrate it into the hands- right out of school, if that’s something they choose to do,” Osori said. “So it’s hands-on experience with highly technical equipment, and it gives them a taste of what could be a future profession that they want to get into.”

It also helps Resolve and other manufacturers in the region, she said, have a source of talent that can stay local and contribute to the local economy.

Brandon Bruce, superintendent of community schools in the Gwinn area, said he learned in February of the possible CNC 3 machine donation.

Although the school district didn’t know how the big machine might be moved or how it would be used, Bruce said that was a sign the machine would be welcome.

Apparently the logistics were figured out.

“As you can see, the machine is placed. It is plugged in and operational. » said Bruce.

He stressed that the school and the community will benefit from the addition.

“We’re excited about where we’re headed,” said Bruce, who noted that ideally the mill will be part of the school curriculum when classes begin in August. “This is a great opportunity for our students to gain tremendous experience, knowledge and knowledge,” said Bruce.

He pointed out that once they walk through the door of high school and graduate, they become employable and have a skill — a skill few kids get to learn.

Based in Marquette, Resolve Surgical Technologies is a private label original equipment manufacturer that designs, develops and manufactures metal and polymer implants and instruments for the orthopedic, spine and cardiothoracic markets.

Originally founded in 1992 as Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc. and later known as the Metals division of RTI Surgical, in 2020 Montagu Private Equity LLP acquired the OEM business of RTI Surgical, according to the company’s website at This year, the RTI Surgical Metal division spun off to become Resolve Surgical Technologies.

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