Inside the abandoned factory in Huddersfield frozen in time after workers knocked down tools

A West Yorkshire urban explorer fell in love as he explored an abandoned Huddersfield mill for his latest Youtube video.

Dan Sims, known as Bearded Reality Online, and his friend Mick explored Prospect Iron Works in Lockwood. The building was used for textile production from the late 1850s until the 1970s and primarily used by textile engineers and machinists Wm. Whiteley & Sons Ltd.

Earlier this month, Dan decided to see what the building looked like today – and found the “madness” inside. He entered the extinguished building with his torch, his gloves and wrapped himself warmly.

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Dan said: “I love mills, especially in the Yorkshire area. I remember that space was abandoned for about 25 years.” Inside, he found the floors crumbling, and he stepped over a hole in the floor that had disintegrated from the third to the first floor.

He exclaimed, “My God, I almost fell on that, that’s a big fall.” Dan also discovered Yorkshire Water Authority plans from 1977, ‘vintage porn’ on the walls, including pictures of Pamela Anderson, and a ‘dirty’ toilet where the hand-drying paper was still intact.

He also found a 15p tampon machine, saying ‘they’re not like that anymore, are they’, and someone had written in the dirt on the sink ‘2010’ – leading the pair to believe exploration that others had also taken a look around the place. Dan walked through what he believes was a former workers’ cafeteria and found hundreds of Heinz ketchup packets and salt and pepper packets on the floor.

Dan shared photos with Yorkshire Live of what he found inside the abandoned mill.