Mindanao Halal Food Factory Expands

CITY OF COTABATO: To strengthen the compliance of halal (authorized) promotion in the region, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Agrarian Reform (Mafar) has started the construction of a small halal food factory worth from 1.99 million pesos to Barangay Muti, Guindulungan to Maguindanao early this month.

Senior Agronomist Saidona Lawan, focal point for the Mafar Halal Development Program, said the project aims to provide halal food to promote halal-compliant poultry and fish production.

“We came up with this project to ensure that we can supply and maintain halal-compliant products from farm to fork,” Lawan said.

The halal food factory building is capable of storing 500-600 bags of food.

Guindulungan Municipal Administrator Datu Harabas Midtimbang expressed his gratitude to Mafar for continuing the program in their area, especially the Halal development program.

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“It is a big help for us to have a halal food factory project that will fit our vision – to be an Islamic center municipality,” Midtimbang said.

In April, Mafar officials handed over the milling machine to its beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, the construction is expected to be completed within 108 calendar days, which will be entrusted to the Sisiman Agricultural Cooperative.