New Kettering oat mill backed by £15million grant

Navara is a new joint venture between crop production and grain marketing company Frontier Agriculture, farmers’ cooperative Camgrain and ingredient manufacturer Anglia Maltings Holdings.

Scheduled to be completed in 2023, the new facility is expected to create 120 new jobs – 60 during the construction phase and a further 60 to operate the new plant when completed.

Mark Aitchison, Managing Director of Frontier and President of the new joint venture, said:There is a growing demand for oat-based ingredients in healthy food products and non-dairy beverages.

Dedicated oat supply chain

“Our collective vision is to build and grow a dedicated oat supply chain, bringing farmers and food manufacturers together and making improvements that benefit each sector and the environment. The support from HSBC UK has been invaluable in enabling us to bring our plans to fruition.

The development of oat milling capacity in the UK has increased rapidly over the past two years.

In April 2021, Morning Foods aims to increase production by more than 50% over the next four years through a major expansion of its oat milling capacity at its Crewe site.

Oat milling in the UK

The previous month, Canadian agribusiness Richardson International Limited announced a substantial investment in its Bedford oat mill to increase capacity by at least 35%. Separately, Swedish oat drink company Oatly has announced the construction of its first factory in the UK, which it says will create 200 jobs.

Allan Wilkinson, UK Head of Agribusiness at HSBC UK, added: “The demand for oat products has risen sharply due to the proven health benefits, and many people have opted for herbal products as part of their diet. We are delighted to support this new venture, which brings together three of our existing customers, and which is boosting oat production across Europe.”

Meanwhile, in other factory investment news, brewer Hepworth & Company is to install a new canning line as part of a ‘big investment program’ in capacity and sustainability.​