Plans submitted for partial restoration of Glenaan Mill

Plans have been submitted with Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council for the partial restoration of Glenaan Mill for tourist use, including reception, parking and associated site works.

Located on Glenaan Road Cushendall, the mill was part of a tapestry of several mills found in the Glens area and represents a fragment of industrial heritage that was once crucial in the processing of crops.

Glenann Mills was built in 1840 in the town of Tavaghdrissy. The mill complex contained a flax mill, corn mill, oven and two dwelling houses. It included six stocks and a set of rollers. The metal scroll still at the site is believed to be the first such set in Ireland. The water supply was carried from the spring to the mill through wooden troughs.

Glenann Mills is currently in ruins. Several walls have fallen and therefore the sloping roof is no longer present. The original wheel remains at the end of the building in its original location, made identifiable in historic photographs, although the bank has been leveled and as a result it has been buried and therefore cannot be seen.

A report says “The outline of the proposals will aim to bring together a scheme allowing tourist amenity for the improvement of recreational tourism and education along the coast and the well-established valleys of the causeway, around the subject of the Mill.

The Visitor Center will provide much-needed sheltered space for group learning and activities, lectures, workshops, and the display of information and artifacts. The Visitor Center will also provide facilities such as restrooms and a kitchen for preparing refreshments.

These basic amenities will be essential for people stopping off on a road trip along the Causeway Coast and the Glens. Work will be carried out to make the mill site safe and accessible. The remaining construction fragments and machinery such as the waterwheel will be retained and their preservation ensured.

To facilitate access to a destination such as the Glenann Mill, parking will be provided.

The request will be presented to Council’s planning committee next year. The plaintiff is Mr. J. McKeegan.

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