Properties of Phagwara factory tied to pending dues from sugar cane growers

The administration on Friday seized the movable and immovable assets of Golden Sandhar Sugar Mill in Phagwara, over pending payments from sugar cane growers.

Adjoining properties include machinery, power plants, structures, buildings, construction sites, residential compounds, vehicles and any other movable and immovable property.

The mill land however was not attached as it was given to the government of Punjab by Maharaja Jagatjit Kapurthala and later assigned to the sugar mill.

Kapurthala Deputy Commissioner Vishesh Sarangal said many sugar cane farmers sold their produce to the factory but since 2019-20 they have not received the corresponding payment.

Sarangal, who had also written to 22 Deputy State Commissioners a few days ago to identify land owned by the factory in their jurisdiction, also informed that according to Phagwara tehsildar’s report, the factory has to pay 50.33 crores in all to farmers (until September 12)

The tehsildar also said the factory owners were not cooperating with the pending payments.

Acting on this letter, the Phagwara SDM ordered the seizure of the factory’s assets.

The DC also said the administration will ensure that pending farmers’ dues are settled soon.