PS5 Pro leak spins the rumor mill

It’s easy to see why this leak might sound very exciting, but it may also be a little too early to know if this is a real indication that these consoles are on the way. While some – like the gaming reporter and insider Tom Henderson – seem to believe that TCL has insider knowledge, it should be noted that there has been no official announcement from Sony or Microsoft confirming or denying the leak.

IGN Senior Editorial Producer Marc Medina sent out a tweet expressing doubts about the supposed launch, suggesting the slideshow was simply TCL hazard guessing about the capabilities of an updated next-gen console strength have and base an expected release date on past launches. “[It’s] unconfirmed,” Medina said. “It was part of a TCL slideshow, and it’s 100% just a guess of what the future of consoles might be like if they followed the PS4 Pro timeline.”

This explanation seems logical, given that the standard PS5 is still incredibly hard to find at regular retailers. Launching a new and improved console while manufacturing shortages still plague the current lineup would be an interesting gamble from Sony and Microsoft. Only time will tell if TCL’s predictions are legit.