Start of masonry work on the mill

A construction company has started filling the cracks on the outside and replastering the inside of the Mostert mill. PHOTO: Provided

With work having started on the Mostert Mill Tower earlier this month, the Friends of Mostert Mill (FoMM) are well on their way to achieving their goal of completing the restoration project by April next year.

On Friday, April 1, Bruce Dundas Builders was on site. Tasked with sealing the cracks on the exterior of the structure and replastering the interior, the construction company began by erecting scaffolding over which a tarpaulin was stretched. This will allow them to work dry until the top of the tower is ready for all the internal wooden parts of the mill to be placed.

The mill, located on De Waal Drive (M3) in Mowbray, was badly damaged in a forest fire on Sunday April 18 last year (“Mill to get a new life”, message from the peopleNovember 9, 2021).

In an update posted on Facebook, Andy Selfe, who coordinates the manufacture of the wooden machinery for the factory, shared that once the construction business is complete, a 30-tonne mobile crane will be used to lift the pieces. in position.

“The first visit of the crane will concern the border, which is fixed at the top of the tower, then the whole of the hat frame, then the 12 meter long stretcher, the vertical axis and the wheel-brake. Five lifts should be possible in one day,” Selfe said.

Then, it will be the turn of the thatchers to build the framework of the roof and cover it with thatch. “Unfortunately the wood of the windshaft is still drying out so it will need to be rigged from the front and through the suspended brake wheel. It should be possible to haul the sails up at this point,” said Selfie.