Stop Puppy Mill Cruelty: Join the Goldie’s Act Week of Action!

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At a USDA-registered dog-breeding facility in Iowa, a young Golden Retriever suffered without fresh food, water, or veterinary care. She lived and died in a filthy cage, and she never knew a safe, loving home. She was even denied a name: the breeder who owned her simply called her Golden Retriever #142. We named her Goldie, and this week is for her.

Goldie’s death could have been avoided and, shockingly, her story is not unique. Dogs continue to live and die in horrific conditions as USDA inspectors turn a blind eye. We have to fight for them.

To prevent other dogs from suffering like her, we ask Congress to pass Goldie’s Law (HR 6100). This legislation, named in Goldie’s honor, would require the USDA to meet its duty to enforce the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), the only federal law that protects animals in licensed breeding facilities.

Join us for our Goldie’s Act Action Week, April 25-29! Make a difference for dogs like Goldie with five easy and exciting activities to inspire lawmakers to pass this crucial bill.

To show our appreciation for your dedication, advocates who take the five steps to move Goldie’s Act forward may be eligible to receive a Goldie’s Act bag, while supplies last.

Monday, Action #1—Invite others to participate

We are stronger together. Share this blog post on social media to let your friends, family, favorite celebrities and other animal lovers know about Goldie’s Act. Together we can spread the story of Goldie and this bill!

Tuesday Action #2—Spread the Puppy Love

Now that she has a name, everyone should know! Get on the Goldie’s Act trend by flooding your social media accounts with photos, videos and reels featuring the dogs in your life. We will also share our animals! Be sure to use the hashtag #GoldiesAct and follow @aspca for updates along the way!

Wednesday, Action #3—Congress by Email

Email your US Representative urging them to co-sponsor and pass the Goldie’s Act! Visit our Advocacy Center to learn more about this life-saving bill and use our simple online form to send your message.

Thursday, Action #4—Call your representative

Call your member of the United States House of Representatives and ask them to co-sponsor the Goldie’s Act. Don’t be intimidated, this simple one-minute call will have a huge impact. You can reach them by calling the US House of Representatives Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and your call will be directed to the correct office. Whether you’re reaching a live person or an answering machine, just say:

“Hello my Name Is [YOUR NAME]and I live in [YOUR TOWN]. I’m calling today to urge the representative [REP LAST NAME] to co-sponsor Goldie’s Act, HR 6100, and ask them to help this bill become law.

Friday, Action #5—Share digital artwork

Use our shareable graphics to communicate with your rep on social media. Pair these graphics with a caption urging your representative to adopt the Goldie’s Act. Don’t forget the hashtag #GoldiesAct! Find your representative’s social media handles on their legislator webpage with a simple web search or by searching for their last name followed by “rep” on each platform. Be sure to tag a verified account!

Goldie's Act Action WeekGoldie's Act Action Week

Thank you for taking action for the victims of puppy mills! Together we can push this bill over the finish line.

Once you have completed each action, let us know before May 1 so we can send you a special Goldie’s Act bag, while supplies last!