Taron Egerton Confirms Talks With Marvel, Now The Wolverine Rumor Mill Is Starting To Spin

Marvel Studios is said to be in talks with a lot of actors that the public never hears about, and as a result, it will no doubt be having a lot of meetings with a lot of people.

That being said, after Taron Egerton said he’d like to get involved with the show and expressed interest in replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, the buzz machine kicked into high gear following reports that he spoke with Kevin Feige’s company.


Although the two strands are undoubtedly disconnected, Egerton confirmed his confirmation of having spoken to the powers that be stating that “I would be delighted, but I would also be apprehensive, as Hugh is so closely associated with the role… if Wolverine appears around, [I hope] they will give me a chance”.

Naturally, the news sent internet forums into a near crisis, with fans wondering if Egerton would really be given the role of Wolverine or if there might be a better opportunity for him elsewhere.

Wolverine is one of the toughest tasks in superhero movie remaking, along with Iron Man. We’ve seen a slew of actors play Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man over the years, but Jackman and Robert Downey Jr. were so iconic in their roles that replacing them is nearly impossible.

There are, however, a plethora of other characters that Egerton would be perfect for, so we’ll be interested to see if he joins the MCU and who he’ll play as.