Taste the effects of roasting with the Mill City Roasters Roaster’s Brew Box

Most specialty coffee drinkers know that how a coffee is roasted will affect its flavor; lighter roast coffees tend to have more acidity while darker roast coffees will be more full-bodied. But beyond those very broad traits, unless you’ve done day-to-day production work at a roastery, you may not know how, exactly, changes in the roast curve will appear in the cup.

Walk in Mill City Coffee Roasters. The Minnesota-based roasting machine maker is launching a Roaster’s Brew Box featuring coffee roasted four different ways, and they’re hosting virtual tastings to discuss the coffee and how changes to the roast profile, especially at the end: final drop time and temperature, affect the end result.

The green coffee used for the roaster brew box is the Colombia Manos Juntas from the Huila region, a natural anaerobic Pacamara variety from Coffee imports. The Manos Juntas will then be roasted four different ways to “demonstrate how changes at the very end of the roast profile can produce unique cup characteristics,” according to Mill City. With the aid of MCR500 Sample Roaster coffees will undergo Mill City’s standard sample roast profile, a “low and slow” profile developed to bring out the flavors associated with natural processing, an acidic “hot and fast” profile and the “best of both worlds” of Goldilocks between the two profiles.

The virtual tastings will take place on Wednesday, October 5 and Tuesday, November 29, both at 12:00 p.m. Central. Live via YouTube and Instagram, the Mill City Sensory Team will guide all attendees through the various roasts and their final presentation in the cup.

The Roaster’s Brew Box is $48 per set, and all boxes will need to be ordered at least a week before the virtual tasting date. For more coffee information, roast profiles or tasting or to order your own box, visit Mill City’s Roasters’ official site.

Zac Cadwalader is the Managing Editor of Sprudge Media Network and a Dallas-based writer. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.