Worker’s son opens utensil manufacturing unit to stop migration to city

Burhanpur (Madhya Pradesh): In a bid to provide jobs for others, the youths of Burhanpur opened a utensil manufacturing unit in his hometown.

Pankaj Narendra Shah from Bahadurpur village in Burhanpur district has recently started his utensil manufacturing unit. Sharing his journey, Shah said he decided to start a new business after a mill where his father worked knocked down shutters during Covid-19.

Recently, top BJP leader and former minister Archana Chitnis met with Pankaj and appreciated his efforts.

Chitnis encouraged him saying that Pankaj was an inspiration to do an Atma Nirbhar Bharat.

Informed about the family background, Pankaj said he was the son of a factory worker. The family had to move to Mumbai after the closure of the factory where his father worked.

When leaving his hometown, his father asked him to start a business in the village not for himself or his family, but to create job opportunities for others so that no one would have to leave their home place at the end of the day. looking for a job during difficult times.

Currently more than 50 villagers from Bahadurpur and nearby villages are working in utensil factories and earning a living.

Pankaj said his father’s words turned out to be inspirational and eye-opening for him. While he stayed in Mumbai for over a year, his father worked as a laborer while getting a part-time job to support the family.

However, as soon as the situation normalized, Pankaj returned to his homeland, where he arranged machinery and other equipment along with raw materials and started his business.

He said the state currently has three utensil manufacturing units, one in Indore, another in Mandideep, Bhopal and the third in Burhanpur now.

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Posted: Monday, May 23, 2022, 9:04 PM IST